Vienna, February 12th, 2024
Viennese company MADx is market leader in molecular allergy diagnostics

The Viennese diagnostics manufacturer MADx recorded strong growth in 2023 with increasing global reach of its innovative tests and technologies, which are available in more than 80 countries. Particularly fast-growing markets were Germany, where MADx doubled its sales in 2023, as well as Italy, Spain, and Poland.

Vienna, January 22nd, 2024
MADx: Austria's pioneer in allergy diagnostics expands

In 2023, MADx, the Austrian pioneer in allergy diagnostics, expaned significantly by doubling its laboratory and office space and taking on almost 40 new employees. An Austrian company has taken the lead in the dynamic world of medical diagnostics: MADx. As a pioneer in allergy diagnostics and a recognised global key player, MADx demonstrates how Austrian innovation is conquering the world.

Vienna, January 15th, 2024
Revolutionising food intolerance diagnostics: MADx and Test4 Limited start partnership

MADx, the innovative Austrian manufacturer of molecular immunodiagnostic tests, collaborates with UK-based gut health and food intolerance testing provider Test4 Limited under an extensive distribution deal. The FOX Food Xplorer represents a significant advancement in the field, needing only small blood samples. This in-vitro test is capable of testing 286 food triggers from 13 different food groups in a single step, including common triggers like milk, wheat, eggs, nuts, and various fruits and vegetables, as well as superfoods like chia seeds, spirulina, and chlorella.

Vienna, November 10th, 2023
Pet Allergy Xplorer: The first molecular serum IgE test for pets

A global partnership between MADx and Nextmune regarding pet allergy testing on the highest scientific level

Macro Array Diagnostics (MADx) is partnering with Nextmune to offer the first commercial serological IgE-specific test for pets based on molecular allergens: the Pet Allergy Xplorer, PAX in short.