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how we think
A quarter of our staff is dedicated to research & development. Assay developers, biochemists, chemists, and molecular biologists are essential members of our team.
Science is Team work
Working with the best

This science-oriented company philosophy gives MADx the edge in developing new applications for its patented nano-bead technology. The power of this approach is demonstrated in our latest paper. If you are interested in a scientific collaboration with MADx, please get in touch and write us an e-mail.

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Customised services

To support your research efforts, we offer to custom-manufacture arrays with proteins or peptides of your choice for IgE, IgG and IgG4 testing.

The minimum order requirement for custom made arrays is one production lot (close to 1000 arrays).


Making our research visible: We are taking over scientific resonsibility and are constantly working on new publications.