We revolutionise molecular diagnostics of allergies and food intolerances

As scientists we offer future-oriented, intuitive immunodiagnostic all-in-one solutions on a molecular basis, thus establishing a new gold standard in the interest of all stakeholders.

Digital Cross-Linking

Thanks to our digital cross-linking, our products and services are continuously exchanging data. The cloud-based solution makes it possible for all building blocks to stay connected and thus constantly improve.


A complete solution: Our product range and systems can cover all our customers' needs for molecular diagnostics of IgE-based allergies and IgG-mediated food intolerances.

Molecular Specificity

We offer the most comprehensive panel of molecular allergens (178) on one array. This makes our allergy test unique and increases specificity compared to using allergen extracts alone.

This is MADx

Get a better feel for what our company is all about! We are a multidisciplinary team of experts working on one common goal: to improve and revolutionise immunodiagnostics!
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IgE-mediated allergies & IgG-mediated food intolerances

Our products convince through innovation, easy handling, and reliability. The advantages of our tests, systems, and software benefit the whole value chain - patients, doctors, hospitals, and society.

More on our scientific work

ALEX (Allergy Xplorer) was the first ELISA based in vitro multiplex allergy test allowing simultaneous measurements of total IgE (tlgE) and specific IgE (slgE) against a wide range of allergen extracts and molecular allergens.

Continuing this tradition is its successor product ALEX².

Available Kits:
20 Arrays 50 Arrays

FOX (Food Xplorer) is an ELISA based multiplex food antigen test allowing the simultaneous measurement specific IgG (slgG) against a wide range of food extracts and molecular food antigens.

Available Kits:
50 Arrays

To better serve high-throughput laboratories we offer Multi Array Xplorer 45k (MAX 45k). This fully automated batch analyser is capable to process up to 50 samples in one run. MAX 45k is also a benchtop device which operates in collaboration with MADx’s RAPTOR SERVER analysis software. In one day, 150 samples can be processed (incl. overnight run).


For laboratories with a lower through-put and little lab space, ImageXplorer is a suitable choice. This cost-effective system has a very low footprint (approx. 0.5 m², without PC/Laptop). The maximum number of samples per run is 96 MADx tests per working day. ImageXplorer comes along with a lab rocker, two array holders and an incubation chamber.

our beginnings
How it all started

In the beginning there was a vision to improve and modernize immunodiagnostics. Scientists - like our founder Christian Harwanegg - always strive for disruptive innovation, so after more than a decade with leading companies in the field he decided to start his own enterprise in 2016. Our goal was clear: The newly founded company MADx (MacroArray Diagnostics) offers an allergy test that is supposed to be better, more efficient and easier to use than the ones of the competition. In addition, we wanted to offer the entire value chain from test material to evaluation, the necessary hardware and software to the cloud-based interpretation software RAVEN that always runs in real time.

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