Release Notes v1.15


Batch reprocessing of measurements available

After selecting the measurements in the New Measurements list, it is possible to carry out the “Reset Everything and Reprocess” action for multiple measurements at once, by choosing the “Re-Process” option from the appearing dropdown menu on top. The user right “Can edit measurements” is necessary.

Get an email upon processing measurement delete/unapproved requests

For the convenience of the requesting user, we have implemented the following: after the System Administrators of RAPTOR approve the request, the user who submitted the request will get a notification email to their registered email-address.

Adjust the number of displayed measurements in the Measurements list view

It is now possible to set the number of displayed measurements to 25 / 50 / 100 / 250 on the New Measurements and Approved Measurements page. On the bottom of the page, click the dropdown to choose accordingly. It is of course also possible to carry out the export and other batch processes for the selected number of measurements.

Additional information in the CSV and Excel measurement exports

For your better transparency, we added the information about the user who approved the measurement (Approved by), and the user who took the measurement (Tested By - the user who used the MAX or the ImageXplorer where the measurement comes from). Note that this information will also appear on the GUI at the detail page of an approved measurement.

Changed the process of accepting Terms documents

Due to regulatory reasons, we must take care that only those users use the RAPTOR Software which confirmed that they read and understood the instructions for use, and they accept any related terms of service or other agreement. The pop-up for confirmation appears on the starting dashboard page of the RAPTOR GUI upon logging in. After the update, all users will see the pop-up. Every now and then the pop-up will appear to accept upgraded documents (such as the new instructions for use after an update)

API - Get an email before API keys expire

As you know, the API keys can only be created with a maximum expiry date two years from creation, due to security reasons. It is very important, that before the expiry, the key is either extended, or a new key is created. So that you can be prepared, an email notification will be sent to your registered email 7 days and 1 day prior to the expiry. The user right “Can edit API Keys” is necessary. Please be aware of these emails, and notify your colleagues if necessary.

API - Result interpretation (RAVEN) can be requested

We have heard and understood the demand for using our interpretation feature through the API, to get the interpretation texts directly into your LIS or other software.

Now this is available by using the request GET /measurement//interpretation

The resulting json file will contain entries structured as below. Use appropriate algorithms in your requesting software to fetch the text as desired.

API – filter measurements based on their approval date

When using the GET /measurements request, you can now filter measurements for their approval date, not only for their analysis date. The date must be entered in UTC in the format YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sssZ

Try out the new feature in your LIS or on the page !

Result Sharing Portal – filtering measurements in the search field by product name is possible

Full list of changes

v1.15.2 – Released 2024-01-29

  • Fix missing text labels on measurement details page
  • Link to new ToS page in imprint, and remove ToS upload from tenant administration
  • Fix issue with spot-specific correction factors in combination with MAX device

v1.15.1 – Released 2024-01-10

Raptor GUI
  • Batch reprocessing is now available for all users with the role “Can edit measurements”.
  • Users get notified via email upon processing their measurement delete/unapproved request
  • Users with the role “Can edit API Keys” now get an email when API keys are about to expire (7 and 1 day beforehand)
  • The number of displayed measurements in the New Measurements and Approved Measurements list view can be adjusted; export is also available for 250 measurements.
  • Annual maintenance for MAX devices can now be recorded manually in the MAX configuration page. The User right “Confirm MAX annual maintenance records” is required.
  • Password fields now allow displaying the entered characters.
  • Measurement data completion import is now more failsafe.
  • Report templates now allow for specific placeholders in the top center field
  • Fixed bugs related to the process of disabling MAX devices, adding notes to MAX device properties, and assignment of multiple tenants to users
Export Files
  • CSV and Excel measurement exports now contain the fields “Tested By” and “Approved By” too. Note, that therefore rows and columns are shifted in the export files. The fields are also added to measurement details of the approved measurements on Raptor Server.
Terms of Service
  • Terms of Service agreement, Instructions for Use is now mandatory to accept on the dashboard page of the RAPTOR Server GUI prior to using the software, by a confirmation button. API:
  • RAPTOR SERVER API now allows requesting the measurement interpretation.
  • The API request GET /measurements now allows a filter for the approval date.
Result Sharing Portal
  • Result Sharing Portal allows for search by product name